Cali Burrito Express

A menu enjoyable for all ages!

Whether you are an adult or a chicito of the local Duncan or Lawton, OK, area, you are going to love the menu at Cali Burrito Express. We offer a number of different entrees including burritos, quesadillas and taco salads. Once you've chosen your entree, it's time to personalize your meal! Choose from any of our premium cut meats and delicious vegetables. With grilled chicken, carnitas, ground beef and more, our meats are savory and nothing less than the best! To view our menu in more detail, click the button below. We are excited to have you!

Cali Burrito Express takes pride in being able to offer our beloved Duncan and Lawton communities a fun and friendly environment for all ages. When you dine with us, expect to be greeted by a friendly staff with warm smiles. Our excellent chefs and superior staff are excited for you to taste the authenticity of our Mexican food and experience the great service of Cali Burrito Express.

Cali Burrito Express is Duncan & Lawton's favorite Mexican restaurant. We bring a hardworking staff and great food to the table. Literally! We ensure all of our ingredients are fresh and homemade so you won't leave here hungry. We offer the hardiest of portions and the ability to customize them yourself with our burrito bar. We'll make your plate right in front of you! Whether you want a burrito, quesadilla, taco salad, or other item, you can personalize your order however you'd like!

Duncan Location

Lawton Location